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Dopuch, N. A perspective on cost drivers.

Part of a forum on cost drivers. Dowdle, P. Stevens, B. McCarthy and D. Process-based management: The road to excellence. Dunk, A. Assessing the contribution of product life cycle cost analysis, customer involvement, and cost management to competitive advantage of firms. Advances in Management Accounting 20 : Durden, C. Reporting of overhead variances: A cost management perspective. Journal of Accounting Education 17 : Eldenburg, L. The use of information in total cost management.

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Part of a forum on accounting for not-for-profit organizations. Elliott, G.

The seven principles of effective cost management. Evans, J. Cost management and management control in health care organizations: Research opportunities. Behavioral Research In Accounting 10 Supplement : Falhaber T. Coad and T. Building a process cost management system from the bottom up. Management Accounting May : Fayard, D.

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Lee, R. Leitch and W. Effect of internal cost management, information systems integration, and absorptive capacity on inter-organizational cost management in supply chains. Accounting, Organizations and Society 37 3 : Interorganizational cost management in supply chains: Practices and payoffs. Management Accounting Quarterly Spring : Fedorowicz, J. Discussion of adoption of just-in-time and electronic data interchange systems and perceptions of cost management systems effectiveness.

International Journal of Accounting Information Systems 3 1 : Ferrara, W. Management Accounting October : Management Accounting December : , Fertakis, J.

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Some dimensions in the management of costs. Management Planning September-October : Fischer, M. Public college and university financial statements: Reformat enables strategic cost management. Fleischman, R. British entrepreneurs and pre-industrial revolution evidence of cost management. Foster, G. Marketing, cost management and management accounting. Journal of Management Accounting Research 6 : Freeman, T.

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Management Accounting Research March : Heung, J. Profit and readiness: Motivation and its meaning for cost management in the armed services.

Advances in Management Accounting : John Y. Lee :

Higgins, B. The functional administrative control technique: The application of value engineering to organization development. Improving operations: Not as simple as ABC. Performance excellence through activity value management. Hilker, C. Effective cost management for the lean enterprise. User interaction revolution. Examines the effects of mobile and analytical applications on cost management systems. Himme, A. Cost management projects in Germany. Hiromoto, T. Restoring the relevance of management accounting. Journal of Management Accounting Research 3 : Holzer, H.

Some thoughts on cost accounting developments in the United States.

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Huntzinger, J. Economies of scale are dead: Right-sizing for effective cost management and operations. Hussein, M. Lebhar-Friedman Books.

Hutchinson, R. Cost accounting and simulation: Toward a post-structuralist understanding.