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It is also said that those who like to fantasize will be more creativ e and adept in solving problems and avoiding stress. According to an expert in education, creativity and innovation from the U nited K ingdom , Ken Robinson, fantasy is the key to creativity and the ability to innovate. It also helps children learn better. As Kompas. Children tend to imitate words commonly spoken by adults, either directly or through the media. Supported by good imagination, children can quickly gather a lot of vocabulary. It helps them express what they feel in detail using the appropriate words. Read also: 5 educational and artsy activities for kids.

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A study at Case Western Reserve University, the United States , found that children with more imagination we re better at problem-solving. They will then apply what they memorize and fantasize about in solving their own problems. According to expert Eugene Schwartz, children full of imagination will grow into creative individuals because using imagination develops children's creativity.

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As in the case of Harry Potter series author JK Rowling, she claimed her story ideas came from fantasy. It increases the level of empathy and our way of thinking about a situation.

Usually, children are easily touched by the conditions they imagine. As explained by Carolyn Saarni, a counseling professor at Sonoma State University, the United States, they use fantasy to practice a skill and show feelings or behaviors that might be unacceptable at other times.

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