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Sometimes, however, they stay with us and haunt also our normal, daily existence. The present collection assembles seventeen new tales by contemporary authors addessing that fascinating issue. They all provide good, interesting tales, but,in my opinion, as a reviewer,the more accomplished stories are the ones below.

Tales to Give You Nightmares: A Short Story Collection by D P Sloan -

Ramsey Campbell's "The Dreamed" is a kafkaesque nightmare featuring a tourist trying to save his lost identity while vacationing in a Greek island. In the superb, claustrophobic " In the City of Sharp Edges" by Stephen Woodworth a blind man's nightmare opens the gateway to our world to an unearthly creature, while in the excellent "An Actor's Nightmare" by Reggie Oliver a mediocre actor gets caught in a downward spiral that will transform his life in an unexpected way.

The Well - Part 3/3 - Scary Story Animated

Learn more. Created on October 27, Now that the days are growing short, and the summer sun gone, leaving us with overcast skies and wind driven mists clinging to the rain-soaked hills, the mood is set for telling stories of ghouls, goblins, and other specters that haunt our imaginations in the days leading up to that spookiest of days, Halloween.

Nightmares - A Collection of Tales

And make no mistake, the world of E-Discovery has plenty of scary stories to share read the E-Discovery Nightmares E-Book for even more! Take for instance, Mike Hamilton, J. And to be honest, I don't know if a good majority of the attorneys bringing these motions know why, but rather they just have an inkling that something may be fishy.

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Faery Tales & Nightmares

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