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Sheet Music for 2-Part Choir ePub. PDF Biglaw Download. PDF Calendario biologico e almanacco delle semine nellorto Lorto secondo le migliori tradizioni naturali Italian Edition Download. Covert Action and Counterintelligence ePub. When taken to the police- station after the police had raided the j premises defendant turned out his pockets, j As lie drew forth a baize bag six slips tell cut, and he said to a constable: "You must have put them there.

He was found guilty, and fined and costs. The Chairman referred to the mischief done by betting. The insane habit on the part of those who could ill afford it, he said, of laying out money in the hope of getting something for nothing was the cause of much mischief among the community. Winston Churchill was christened on Mon- day afternoon in St. Stephen's Chapel in the crypt of the House of Commons. The cere- mony was performed by Archdeacon Wilber- Lme, Chaplain of the House, and the child received the name of Diana.

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Holier, Mr. Lamont, M. Corn- I wallis West. Some mock courts-martial had been held and prisoners sentenced to tossing in the blanket.

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One private in the Leinsters who W8. The owner of the cart, Edward Ives, was leading his horse at the time, and heard the shrieks of the bystanders, but before he ascertained what was wrong the off-wheel of the cart had passed over the cyclist's neck. The occupants of the boat were its owner, Mr. Fergusson, Captain Hendryson Caird,, Mr. Adam Birrell, Creetown, and Mr.

Sydney Seal, chauffeur to Mr Fergusson. The launch was returning to Creetown from Jxippford when the accident occurred, Mr. Birrell swam ashore. Fergussoni was picked up in a dying condition by a small steamboat, which put off from Bal- carry on receipt of news of the disaster. She was lashed to the mast of the launch, antt had drifted seven miles from the place where j the latter blew up. She succumbed to her injuries soon after. Captain Caird was rescued, and is doing well. Fergusson and Seal are missing, and it is to be feared both are dead. The cause of the accident is believed fA have been the upsetting of a cooking stove, which set the petrol on fire.

Described as a laundryman, H. Thurlow, at Middlesex Sessions on Saturday, admitted a remarkable series of burglaries committed within a fortnight, although he had never been in trouble before. Counsel stated that the prisoner bad. He had also broken into a house at Kilbttrnr and another at Cricklewood. It seemed that there had been an epidemic of burglaries1 going on in Kilburn, Willesden, and Harrow. In this case the prisoner restricted his work to the Kilburn and Paddington districts. It was stated that before starting these burglaries Thurlow took his wife and two children to the Acton Workhouse, ar:d said to the porter that he found them on the roatl and they were destitute.

A detective said he did not think the people in one of the streets in which the prisoner had operated went to sleep after several burglaries bad been committed. Everybody was up after him. Sentence of three years' penal servitude with two years' police supervision was passed. Three weeks ago the young lad1.

Three men lost their lives on Saturday at Burnley owing to the bursting of a steam pipe. They were engaged in fixing a superheated at the Burnley Paper Works, an old-estab- lished firm which employs a large number of hands.


One of the steam pipes, which was under a. They were removed to the hot- pital, where in the evening three of the. The fourtlfe man, Richard Jack, a foreman mechanic was scalded badly on the arms, but was ablo to go home. Henry Thomas, a prosperous Texan farmer, is k strange marriage romance.

Thomas, Refusing to be separated from her he de- cided to share her exclusion, if necessary, and accordingly arrived at Plymouth last1 Saturday, en route for Bremen. There W intends to marry the lady, and he will after- wards return to New, York with his bride. The American authorities refused permis- sion for the couple to marry in New York, hence the 7, miles' journey.

Thiy world's record for a continuous aero- plane flight, hitherto held by Mr. Wright's time. Sommer began his flight at 3. He kept continually at height of between six and1 thirty yards. The aviator came to earth again at 5. His health was drunk in the shed where his aeroplane is housed. The funeral party had travelled all the way from. Limehpuae to Erith, and. Obacht immediately befeiad.

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It will be re- membered that the reason for his Royal Highness's resignation of the post was rumoured to be that he considered it a sine- cure, the expenditure upon which could not be justified. The acceptance of the position by Lord Kitchener, therefore, has occasioned no little talk, for the Commander-in- Chief in India is the last man in the Army to consent to adorn a merely ornamental office. It may probably be- taken for granted, either that there are great possibilities about the Mediterranean, command, or that something will be done to make it more important than it is already.

Lord Kitchener's record, at any rate, affords sufficient grounds for the prophecy that be will not be content unless he finds his hands full of work. When he went to India, Lord Rosebery, with his gift of happy phrase, said. During the interval fuller powers have been conferred upon the Deputy- Cliairii-ian of Committees, the result of which il8 expected to be to secure the more rapid despatch of business.