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We hurried through the dark shrubbery, amid the dull moaning of the autumn wind and the rustle of the falling leaves.

Close Reading - Hardy's "The Darkling Thrush"

The Hound of the Baskervilles, Chapter 9. It came with the wind through the silence of the night, a long, deep mutter, then a rising howl, and then the sad moan in which it died away. He was thin and worn, but clear and alert, his keen face bronzed by the sun and roughened by the wind.

The Hound of the Baskervilles, Chapter My nerves thrilled with anticipation when at last the cold wind upon our faces and the dark, void spaces on either side of the narrow road told me that we were back upon the moor once again. Suddenly we looked down into a cuplike depression, patched with stunted oaks and firs which had been twisted and bent by the fury of years of storm.

Chronicles High Inquest Darkling by Somtow

While he had been absorbed in thought, they had shipped their oars and hoisted sail; the boat was now moving with the wind. The Count of Monte Cristo, Chapter 8.

He saw overhead a black and tempestuous sky, across which the wind was driving clouds that occasionally suffered a twinkling star to appear; before him was the vast expanse of waters, sombre and terrible, whose waves foamed and roared as if before the approach of a storm. The Count of Monte Cristo, Chapter By degrees the wind abated, vast gray clouds rolled towards the west, and the blue firmament appeared studded with bright stars.

This oath was no longer a vain menace; for the fastest sailer in the Mediterranean would have been unable to overtake the little tartan, that with every stitch of canvas set was flying before the wind to Leghorn.

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Nothing then was altered in the plan, and orders were given to get under weigh next night, and, wind and weather permitting, to make the neutral island by the following day. Thousands of grasshoppers, hidden in the bushes, chirped with a monotonous and dull note; the leaves of the myrtle and olive trees waved and rustled in the wind.

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The wind blew strongly, the boat made six or seven knots an hour, and they were rapidly reaching the end of their voyage. It's a feel good story you won't be able to put down. The main character has to deal with both emotional and physical challenges that I expect will make the reader pause and wonder how they would react in those circumstances. I look forward to hearing my daughter's comments after she's finished the story.

Beneath the Darkling

I very rarely go online to write reviews It's certainly a very different story type, nothing typical Please do give it a chance. A first rate writer The sinister creatures were supposed to be make-believe.

That was before they invaded his town.