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Paul uses conditional clauses in both —9, and he includes himself and angels, not because either was preaching a false gospel or alleged to do so, but to highlight the unchangeable nature of the gospel. Furthermore, the inclusion of Paul demonstrates that Paul is rebuking the Galatians, not in order to further his own agenda, but for the sake of the gospel, and for their sake.

The troublemakers did not appeal to angels but to the OT to argue for the necessity of circumcision Gen — Still, the reference to angels demonstrates that preaching another gospel cannot be defended, even if the proclamation is defended by appealing to a heavenly source or a heavenly revelation. Paul reaffirms the curse pronounced in v. Here Paul likely has in mind the Judaizers who were proclaiming a false gospel, and he pronounces a curse on them or anyone else who preaches a message contrary to what he previously preached.

He had instructed them that the gospel could not be altered when he first evangelized them. The argument progresses from to If a curse falls on an apostle like Paul or even an angel if they proclaim a deviant gospel, then surely anyone else who propagates a false gospel will be cursed. Paul uses a conditional clause to summon the readers to consider whether the condition is fulfilled. The conditional clause here differs from , for now an indicative is used rather than a subjunctive.

The use of the indicative here invites an altogether less hypothetical application.

In other words, the opponents who proclaim another gospel are likely in view, and Paul affirms that those who promote a divergent gospel will be cursed. Paul reaffirms, then, that the Galatians had already heard and received the true gospel when he first preached to them. Therefore, anyone who evangelizes in Galatia must proclaim the same gospel taught by Paul. Or, am I seeking to please people? Paul uses rhetorical questions to emphasize that he is not trying to please people.

Gospel Truth

The meaning of this term must be discerned in context, and in it does not provide a reason for what is stated in —9 but a conclusion. Because Paul pronounces a curse on those who preach a false gospel —9 , therefore it follows that he is not attempting to please people but only God himself Apparently, the Jewish opponents claimed that Paul failed to preach the whole gospel, which included the requirement of circumcision.

Paul omitted circumcision to curry favor with the Gentiles in Galatia cf. Paul began the letter defending his apostolic authority, and here he rebuts the notion that he is pleasing people. Hence, it seems that Paul engages in an apologetic of his apostleship.

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We have a second class, contrary-to-fact condition here. The Gospel According to Paul offers nothing new but rather regurgitates what we already know: MacArthur is Reformed, MacArthur is right, and all others are wrong.

MacArthur is relentless in trying to let Scripture speak for itself. There were times when MacArthur would go from exegeting a text to critiquing a type of Christian when no real connection between the two was even established. It will tell you what you can already access from his interviews and strange theology evidenced in his Strange Fire conference. It will tell some what they want to read and will at times attack others from camps even when the conversation is unrelated.

It will glorify Reformed thought above other streams of Christians thought. For me, MacArthur here proves to be far too one-sided, out-to-get-non-Reformed folks, bias, dogmatic, and the list can go on. I had really hoped this not be the case as we need another book on Paul from someone like MacArthur who knows his Bible, is a capable exegete, writes accessibly, and is highly influential.

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And yet John MacArthur seems to be his own stumbling block. Perhaps to some this is a relief. At the same time, there are three Appendixes where MacArthur goes a little further in depth on some key issues. May 11, Bill Pence rated it it was amazing. The year old pastor has faithfully served his church for more than 48 years. This is his third book in his The Gospel According To series, with previous books from the perspectives of Jesus and the Apostles. The author writes that Paul was unlike any of the other apostles, with his intelligence and academic credentials.

Gospel Truth - Paul Barnett | The Good Book Company

Paul wrote more NT books than any other author. He consistently explained and defended the Gospel in his writings. The author states that next to Jesus, Paul is the model for his pastoral ministry. Paul encourages us to imitate him and he imitated Christ. The author reviews attacks on the Gospel lordship salvation, etc. This book looks at the Gospel as Paul proclaims it in his writings. The book also includes four appendices. The author writes that the Gospel is under attack in our culture. It is also very much misunderstood by many. Most, if not all other religions besides Christianity, are works-based.

They are about what we need to do. On the other hand, the Gospel is what God has already done for sinners.

The Gospel of Truth (Read Along Version)

But we first have to recognize that we are sinners and the helpless state of fallen humanity. Paul has written that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. He also wrote that no one seeks after God. Given sin, how can a man be made right with God? Justification is a gift. Grace is why the Gospel is such good news. The author discusses penal substitutionary atonement, which some liberal theologians find abhorrent. He writes about the Great Exchange 2 Corinthians and the offense of the cross.

Christ is our perfect substitute. He also writes about such weighty topics as election, legalism and antinomianism in a manner that laypeople can easily understand them.

Dec 06, Ryan Hawkins rated it it was amazing Shelves: gospel , personal-christianity , recommended-by-church-member , cross , theology , ministry , grace , reformed. I'm very glad this book was written. I loved it as it was simply so so biblical. The content of each page wasn't anything totally new to me, but that didn't really matter.

I loved it because it was a clear, concise, and compelling exposition of "the gospel" according to the apostle Paul.

The gospel truth: an exploration of the gospel of paul download epub

And this is by no means boring. It is truly fascinating. In short, it was evangelical theology It centers around God, our sin, Christ, his cross, and what this cross actually accomplished for us biblically. And none of it is watery. It is robust, biblical, and understandable.

Much more could be said about this book, but it easily was one of the best book I've read all year because it is simply so biblical and wonderfully true. I've wondered what the apostle Paul might sound like if we were to hear him ourselves, and I think MacArthur, with his love for the gospel and Christ, combined with his seriousness and sternness about not compromising any of the Christian truth for modern 'fads', might be very close to what Paul was like.

I personally think many of the newer age writers and thinkers are more products of their times rather than sounding like the apostles. MacArthur, in this way, is a breath of fresh air, and is very biblical--especially if the goal of expositing the Bible is to get to the original meaning, written by the authors, of the text.

Each chapter was a thorough exposition of a single Pauline gospel text, coupled with references from all over. In this way, he organizes it well, and explains the gospel well.