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Do you have specific programs for over 50s? Can you help me even if I am a beginner? I don't have a lot of time to train, will this still work for me?

Playing With Confidence How To Overcome Sports Performance Anxiety

Our plans are designed to help you maximise your fitness in the available time you have to train. Most of our sessions are no more than an hour during the week so if you only have up to 1 hour 3 times per week, this will work perfectly.

Self Help & Motivation

Once I sign up, is my training plan customised to allow for personal requirements? You will learn how to take your entire life circumstances into consideration and base your program on your assessments, background, short- and long-term goals, current volume, current workload, age, sport ages, performance disparities, and much more. Do I have to start as soon as I sign up? Can I use this training with my indoor trainer? We provide trainer files for every workout. If you have a smart trainer you can upload the workouts to TrainerRoad, Zwift or any other indoor training software and Garmin Wahoo head unit computers.

What currency is the price in? The price is in USD. Your payment will be based on the exchange rate at the time your payment is processed on your credit card regardless of which country you are joining from. What's the deal with your pricing? But with that being said, you will see results quickly and you can expect to drastically change your cycling within 12 weeks of consistently using the program. I help time-poor cyclists maximise their training time to build high-performance fitness in the the time they have right now. I do this through our online program, the Training Club where I use a blend of data driven analysis WKO4 performance modelling, academic research, and personal case studies to teach time-saving training methods to build high-performance fitness in less time.

The cyclists I coach are at all different levels and across the globe, but they share one thing in common - they don't have the time for 'traditional' training plans. That's why I have slowly focussed my efforts on maximising performance from the least amount of time.

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This will take you to a payment page where you can pay with your credit card or Paypal. You will then be directed to the program site and you can dig into the information. After testing you will have the data from your tests, and once you put down your dreams, motivations, goals, strengths, weaknesses etc. You can then start building a program. What if you could have a structured training plan personalized to your goals with the flexibility to move workouts around your busy schedule?

Do any of these sound familiar? You have a very busy life and find it hard to fit your training around your life. Your work travel has a significant impact on your ability to effectively follow any training program. You know this frustration if you: Have young children Have a demanding job Travel a lot for either for work or leisure The list above is not filled with obstacles - they are your priorities, I get that.

Let me introduce you to Alex In Alex went all in to achieve his cycling goals, which was admirable as he was a complete beginner ; He sacrificed going out, drinking alcohol, and truthfully his creative work probably suffered as well. He also had some impressive results, including: 1st out of at Nordfjordrittet 66th out of 12, at L'Etape du Tour But here's the problem But then on November 8, I got the following email from him. Goal: 1 hour hopefully race winning steady state FTP effort in the middle of June This part could max out at 7 hours for winter, Nov, December, January, February.

And at 11 Hours for summer. No other person on earth has dominion or control over your confidence levels. People can affect your confidence by saying negative things, teaching you poor thinking habits, or unintentionally misinforming you, but no one can control your confidence levels unless you voluntarily surrender that control.

What someone else may have said or done is totally irrelevant!

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You choose; not they. If you chose to let go, if you select fear, uncertainty, and doubt, then you have failed the test. You have allowed them to rip you off of the fantastic future God has for you. If you condemn yourself by believing that you are unworthy, then again, you have failed the test. You must learn to guard against those negative thoughts and feelings that have the capacity to lead your confidence down the wrong path, and to strengthen those thoughts and feelings that can lead you confidently into a better future.

Your confidence is an asset, a treasure of great value that must be protected accordingly. When you have high confidence levels, you can do the remarkable.

When you recognize your personal power and unique gifts, you can CHANGE anything for yourself that you wish to change. Being confident is an essential prerequisite for success and happiness. That is why you must constantly examine your thoughts and feelings about your role in the world and about your possibilities for achieving your dreams. It is your emotional nature that governs most of your daily conduct in your personal and business world.

It is the emotional aspect of your experiences that determines our behavior.

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With confidence, human beings can move mountains. With fear, doubt, and uncertainty, they can be crushed by the smallest grain of sand. My Conclusion…. He has spent a great deal of his life studying the actions and thoughts of highly successful people, particularly millionaires. He received responses.

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  • Here are the top ten life skills used by millionaires:. I was so excited when I saw this report. Those surveyed have a proven track record—they are millionaires. Information is great but it must be supported with results. This survey adds fuel to my point that belief and self-confidence are the major differences between the person who lives an uncommon life and the person who lives a common life.

    I also like the fact that believing in myself and hard work were actually tied together. The confident person believes that he is equal to the size of his obstacles. He believes he can achieve success and significance.

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    This man or woman will win the confidence of followers. Those who have accomplished great things in the world were not afraid of progress. They stepped out of their past prisons and into their future potential. They dared to be leaders in the midst of followers. Report stats spread throughout book.

    My definition of potential is simply the gap between your current achievements and your possibilities for the future. What is potential? One of the most thorough definitions of potential is given by Dr. Myles Munroe. He defines your true potential this way:. Going where you have not yet one. Becoming the person you have not yet been.

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    Imagining what you have not yet imagined. Reaching what you have not yet reached. Seeing that which you have not yet seen. Accomplishing that which you have not yet accomplished. The simple truth is that you and I have more natural potential than we could use in a lifetime. The release of your potential demands that you refuse to be satisfied with your past or latest accomplishments. What you have currently accomplished is only a fraction of what is truly possible for you. Yes, I was the best track runner on the team, but was I running at my full potential?

    My true potential had not been released yet.