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A lot has changed in the last 12 years when it comes to machine safety: technology, hazard combinations, solutions, and even the scope of health and safety. These changes have prompted a comprehensive updating of CSA's R machine safeguarding standard. Warehouses and distribution centres are big business. Averaging four minutes each, the videos offer professional insights into distinct aspects of warehouse safety. All you need is a laptop, tablet or smart phone.

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It's often a case of "one time too many," says Kramer. Loading docks are one of the busiest spots in any workplace, with trucks, trailers, pedestrians, lifting devices and other equipment regularly moving in and out of the area. These activities often extend into other parts of the workplace, including storage and manufacturing areas, delivery yards, and even retail floor space.

How do you keep lifting device operators, other workers, visitors and customers safe amid all this activity? Warehouses can be dangerous places to work. It's important to understand warehouse hazards because they can lead to serious injury and even death. The key thing to remember is that most of injuries and fatalities can be prevented.

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Identify potential hazards that could be found in your facility. Conferences: Networking, legislative requirements, hot-button issues. Consulting Solutions: Integrating health and safety into your workplace.

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Site Map. Search for:. Warehouse Safety Your customers rely on you to ensure that their products are stored and distributed properly. It's a logistical balancing act, but you don't have to do it alone. How We Can Help WSPS experts help businesses like yours understand how to keep your workers safe in a warehouse environment so you can feel confident that you are: Protecting your employees and capital investment. Storing and shipping products in accordance with service level agreements. Reducing the risks of damaged products and equipment. Managing your supply chain effectively.

Meeting legislated standards. You should ensure all staff and drivers are aware of your operational procedures and implement them daily for the safe loading, unloading and transportation of materials. You should be conducting regular inspections of your racking systems to check for signs of damage like cracked paint, dents and damaged or missing components.

You should ensure all pedestrians and operators are trained in the proper handling of materials and equipment to avoid incidents. What the law says In all provincially regulated workplaces, employers and other workplace parties must comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act OHSA and its regulations.

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Loading Docks and Warehouses There are many hazards associated with loading docks. This guideline outlines these hazards and offers some safe work guidelines to eliminate or minimalize the risk. General Consulting Services Integrating health and safety into your workplace is good business. Warehouse Safety WSPS offers a variety of solutions to help managers, supervisors and other workplace parties get up-to-speed on what they need to know and do to achieve a safe, healthy and productive warehouse operation.

View Details. Classroom On-site. Many workplace accidents are caused by faulty, defective forklifts. With regular maintenance a part of your daily plan, safety will naturally take care of itself.

Top 10 Warehouse Safety Tips

Your cargo and goods need a stable, safe place for storage. After the daily grind, make sure your floors are clean for the next shift. Fork-mounted brooms are a great idea in this regard. A clean sweep will help the next group of workers enjoy a clean, safer workspace. Of course, all spills and hazardous obstacles should be cleared immediately — this goes without saying! This is a good idea for warehouses, dock areas, shipyards and other areas where forklifts and industrial equipment are active. You have to be firm with this one; just one slip and you could be looking at big fines from OSHA.

Long shifts, overtime, covering for someone who called off — there are many times when an extra 15 minutes turns into 2 hours out in the warehouse. And most importantly, invest in education for your workplace. While there is no foolproof way on how to keep your warehouse safe, all of the common causes of forklift fatalities can be remedied by modifying the conduct of everyone on the shop floor. Even the most carefully laid-out warehouse is no match for the fallibility of the human.

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  5. OSHA agrees with us that one of the most important aspects of warehouse safety is ensuring all forklift operators have received their training and certification. As the most effective way of preventing accidents, forklift training is the best thing employers can do to keep their workplace safe, and avoid costly fines and legalities.

    According to OSHA, forklift training must include formal written instruction, practical training, and a skills evaluation to make sure workers are prepared to operate forklifts safely. Forklift accidents are preventable, with the right training in place.

    Our courses are completely OSHA-compliant and will improve your warehouse safety practices. In only about from hour from any device with an internet connection, workers can complete their forklift training and receive their certification. All you need to do, as the employer, is provide the qualified Trainer to lead the in-person skill evaluations.

    All you need to do is register your company and have workers create their own log in account to access the modules. We provide the following classes and features:. Take advantage of the best warehouse safety tips with the courses from CertifyMe. For more information on forklift training, please call or visit our contact page. Everyone is interested in getting the most miles out of their cars. Want to save money, enjoy a safer workplace, and get the most out of your equipment? Check out this post! Big changes in your warehouse safety program sometimes start with small — yet important — changes.

    In this post, CertifyMe. How can you designate potentially dangerous columns as safety hazards? Follow step-by-step instructions to get OSHA compliant! The Most Common Warehouse Forklift Accidents When proper warehouse safety practices are ignored, accidents involving forklifts are all too common and can cause serious injuries and deaths. The most frequent causes of forklift fatalities are: Forklift overturning Pedestrian struck by forklift Fall from forklift Person crushed by forklift Overturning Tipping over a forklift is probably the single most catastrophic event that can happen to a powered industrial truck.